Home Made Success will make region bigger, better, stronger says Lib Dem mayoral candidate

Although already Britain's largest, most-successful city region, the West Midlands can grow even more and faster, says Lib Dem mayoral candidate Beverley Nielsen.

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West Midlands exporters leads the way to trade with emerging growth markets

Responding to Dr Liam Fox's comments that the country was no longer 'the free-trading nation it once was' and that we 'have become too lazy, and too fat on our successes in previous generations', Beverley Nielsen, WM Lib Dem Metro Mayor Candidate said:

"Exports from the Midlands have grown +34% over the period 2006-2014, reflecting our strong growth from pre-crisis levels.

"Within this West Midlands exports of machinery and transport have doubled between 2008 and 2015, with road transport equipment accounting for half of all exports from the region.

"The West Midlands region's manufacturers have been no slouches in terms of exploiting opportunities in emerging markets with exports to China growing +32% between 2013 and 2014 alone, with the region running a £3bn trade surplus with China in 2014 thanks to our design, innovation and world beating brands, with leading contributions from JLR and JCB, amongst others, and compared with a UK export deficit of more than £20 billion with China that year."

Region top for get-up-and-go says candidate

No other region has more talent and more get-up-and-go than the West Midlands, claims leading businesswoman Beverley Nielsen as she is named as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Metro Mayor of the WM Combined Authority. “Everywhere I go, in whatever sphere I’m working, I find the originality, ingenuity, imagination and sheer hard work that is the hallmark of a successful region. That make us simply the best.” she says.

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