On May 4th the West Midlands will vote for its first Metro Mayor and I will be standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate. I urge you to embrace my agenda for radical change and sweep aside the two-party system.

My focus will be on seven key areas:

  1. Championing our people by improving opportunities for people of all ages
  2. Supporting those who make the West Midlands their home including giving everyone access to an affordable home
  3. Getting the West Midlands moving by tackling congestion and developing our infrastructure
  4. Driving shared growth in our economy by supporting home-grown businesses and inclusive wealth creation
  5. Develop a better place by enhancing our natural assets and quality of life
  6. Building our communities and help everyone feel safe, secure and connected
  7. Delivering responsive public services and give the people of the region a better say in how they are run

You can find out more about my vision to Restore our Heart and Winning for the West Midlands by downloading my manifesto. You can do that here.

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