Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate unveils bold new 'Lib Dems Deliver' poster campaign


Lib Dem Mayoral Candidate, Beverley Nielsen, today unveils her partnership with Elonex to promote her campaign, 'Lib Dems Deliver' in the final run up to the first West Midlands Mayoral Election, 4th May 2017, which will see giant electronic posters at major sites across the region urging people to vote for her.

"Labour think they have got this stitched up and in the bag," she said, "but I'm hearing that people think that party has lost its way and will remain in the wilderness for years. Yes, they know how to spend, but they have no credible economic plan and no way of generating the wealth that is needed to support their spending.

"Conservatives are obsessed with austerity, cuts, and especially the hard Brexit they want to foist on us. We need investment, not cuts, we need to inspire hope not fear, and we need access to the Single Market for the goods and services produced here.

“With a General Election now also just around the corner, voting Lib Dem in the Mayoral election gives us a chance to tell all parties that we need practical solutions to the mess caused by the referendum result.  The Lib Dems are the party to bring the country together and back from the brink of catastrophe – and a Lib Dem mayor in the West Midlands will lead the way.

"Both main Parties have a track record of letting this region down. The Conservatives refuse to talk about it as their Government sells off our assets overseas to balance the books. Labour have no vision and no idea how to build a prosperity we can rely on.  

"We need to seize this moment drawing on our strengths - our diversity, youthful energy, creativity and ingenuity. But we need to link all this into the market so we can become the Self Made Place - sharing wealth creation across all of our region and all of our communities. Then we can spend on the Housing, Jobs, Social Care, Transport and all the other things we want and so desperately need. 

"My campaign is about a bold vision and a plan to break the cycle of ‘swap and swap about’ politics, that has held us back for too long. We need the independence that makes us masters of our own future not the puppets of someone else’s. 

I have lived and worked here for 20 years in campaigning for CBI WM and Heart of England Tourist Board, as a director of a great manufacturing business, such as AGA Rangemaster, and for the past 10 years I’ve been helping to get our young people's careers on track and helping them to start up over 30 businesses.  

"Back Beverley and I will deliver a New Start and a New Future for everyone in this region. I believe we have everything to play for and with a bold outlook we can grasp this opportunity.”

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